Careful… Your Worship Is Showing

Sometimes, I worship the Creator while sitting in a comfortable padded pew in a traditional church on a Sunday. More and more, I’ve learned that worship can be held, not only in such formal times and places, but at any time, at any place, with anybody, or nobody. I can give thanks in my car, at a concert, on my couch, in a store, at the library, or at the park.

On Sunday, I worshipped God with my church family. On Tuesday I worshipped God while on a walk around my neighborhood, where I focused on noticing… REALLY NOTICING things and giving thanks. I started with noticing how my body felt and how I moved. Then, I focused on all the emerging colors, which easily transitioned into thanking God for the beauty I found along the way. You don’t have to sit in a pew to worship.

Put away your phone.

Go outside.


Be Grateful.

And Worship.

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