Betsy Loves It: Spin Pins By Goody

I rarely buy hair accessories.  I’ve got one of those heads that doesn’t work for headbands.  They either slide off the back or squeeze me slowly into a migraine.  I’ve grown my hair out a bit and I have been using bobby pins to throw it up onto a loose bun or up-do every once in a while.  Enter the SPIN PIN.  Sure, they are cute.  They look like swirly little bobby pins.
The box promises that they do the work of 10 bobby pins.  The verdict?  BINGO! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!  They do, indeed do the work of many bobby pins.  I have gotten them at Walgreen’s, Publix, and Wal-Mart.  I buy the Brunette ones and they look great!  They’re sturdy, too.  They come in two sizes – the smaller ones come in a box of 3 and the bigger ones come in a box of 2.  I have a ton of them, mostly because I’m obsessed with them, but I’ve never needed more than 3 of them at a time.  I’m always happy to recommend products that actually do what they say, so I’m happy to give my BETSY LOVES IT SEAL to the GOODY SPIN PIN!


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